Test, test, test.. This is my first post in English -;p. Just wanna try

I ‘ll try without using any dictionary or searching help from Google translate. I’ll just write down what I remember, what I want to tell, with all vocabularies and grammar I have.

Just write it down. Hmm…but, what I really want to write? Oh, let’s talking about what I did today.

Today…. I met Surani in ComLabs. We talked about 7th assignment of PLO subject. For you non TIers, maybe don’t know really much about PLO. PLO a.k.a Perancangan Lay Out is the most popular subject in Industrial Engineering Program Study. Popular because of its assignments. Popular because of  its beautiful memories in everything we did about PLO. It will be something you wanna tell about, more and more. Because it will not be forgotten whenever and wherever we are (Industrial Engineers). Hahaha…call me alays or something like that -;p.

Okay. Let’s move on. After meeting Surani, I went to Central Library of ITB. Having a good intention (to do my TA) I brought my notebook with me to the library. But, actually having good intention is not enough, you must really have a strong heart and a faith to fight all the devils surround you. Devils that try to turn you way, take you to the dark and give you nothing but misery and regret. What am I talking about? Hahaha…

Although I was not really focusing on my TA, but I did it (although just a litte bit -;p). But, I did it, right? Beuh….try to defend myself. At 1 p.m, I had promise with Sancil to have lunch in Gokana Ciwalk. I didn’t have intention to go playing around. I really want Gokana during this time. Maybe it’s something like ‘ngidam’, heh? Ops, another kind of defending myself again.

So I had my lunch with Sancil and Vancul ( what a weird name that Sancil gives to Vani -;p). Hoooo.. I got my ramen. It’s soooooooooo delicious. Hahaha… Maybe because  I was so so so hungry, I could finish my ramen in a blink of eyes. Hahaha… trying to be alay again. Just kidding -;p.

Having my stomach so full, we looked around of  Yogya Supermarket. You know, girls can’t keep themselves  from looking around something they can buy. Shopping…Shopping…  Moreover, there’s a big sale. Discount everywhere. Pick this one and try the other one. Girls do that and we love it. Although, sometimes, after hours pass by, we just end up with a looking around.

Ops, I got sleepy. Need go to bed.

*Actually, I got help from Google to write this. Some words just dissappear from my head -;p

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